The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance of a HVAC system is very important. Energy Star states that the most common causes of failure in such units are neglect and dirt. Operating such a mechanical unit all year round is akin to putting about 100000 miles on a car. Proper HVAC maintenance could prevent frequent repairs, leaving one to experience comfort for a long time. There are other reasons why one needs to constantly maintain their system.

Energy Efficiency
In a typical home, about half of the energy is consumed in heating and cooling. As such, making prudent decisions on heating and cooling could significantly impact a household’s utility expenditure. Studies indicate that proper maintenance could reduce energy consumption by as much as 35%.

HVAC systems are expected to maintain a comfortable temperature within the home. The unit also has to work in various conditions, all day long. If not properly maintained, the system could end up being overworked or fail to deliver the expected comfort of a steady air temperature.

Extending the Equipment’s Life
Like any new device degrades in performance when not properly maintained, so will a HVAC system. Besides saving money and energy, a well-maintained system also lasts longer. Extending the life of the unit also allows one to get more value from their investment.

Efficiency in Costs
In most cases, people avoid routine maintenance due to cost. It’s possible to get a system maintained regularly for about $195 per year, or even less with a multi-year agreement. One doesn’t need to wait for the system to fail so they can attend to it. At this point, the cost will typically be higher. Proper maintenance would be worthwhile due to reduced repair costs, improved operational efficiency and reduced aggravation.

Routine maintenance also improves safety. During a check-up, the technician will tighten the system’s electrical connections, check for small holes in the heat exchanger and measure the current and voltage on the motors. Such issues could be dangerous; faulty electrical connections could result in unsafe operation and shorts.
Most manufacturers state that regular HVAC maintenance is necessary in keeping a system functioning properly. It also prevents unnecessary repairs and ensures safety for the inhabitants. A properly maintained system also lasts longer and keeps the house more comfortable.

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