How to Decide Between Air Filtration and Air Cleaning

If you’re concerned about maintaining indoor air quality in your home, it’s important to understand the difference between air filtration and air cleaning. While all forced-air heating and cooling systems have some form of air filtration, not all households have dedicated air cleaning systems. If you have family members who are susceptible to allergies or respiratory ailments, you’ll want to consider an air cleaning system.

The Importance Of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance of a HVAC system is very important. Energy Star states that the most common causes of failure in such units are neglect and dirt. Operating such a mechanical unit all year round is akin to putting about 100000 miles on a car. Proper HVAC maintenance could prevent frequent repairs, leaving one to experience comfort for a long time. There are other reasons why one needs to constantly maintain their system.

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The Hidden Energy Problem in Your Home

Everyone knows that an airtight home saves energy so finding and fixing leaks can save energy significantly. Weather stripping and caulking around windows, doors and floor molding can reduce air leakage considerably, but not completely, but the most important leaks are those not easy to find within your heating and cooling duct system.

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