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North American Technical Excellence (N.A.T.E.) Technicians

TRS Air Conditioning Services & Construction, Inc. proudly employs North American Technical Excellence (N.A.T.E.) Technicians.  What does that mean to you, the customer?  It means that the technician working in your home has completed exhaustive training and testing and has the highest level of heating, cooling and ventilation certification available in North America. They are educated to solve almost every problem you can imagine, and for you that means peace of mind knowing that a TRUE professional is solving your problems with integrity and expertise.

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  • Save Money $$$ on your Preventive Maintenance! - Tucson summers are a little hard on both the human and A/C systems. With our complete precision tune-up we can help prevent both from becoming overheated. Our “ESA” program provides a complete precision tune-up and professional cleaning semiannually for your heating and air-conditioning equipment. You will help in conserving our natural resources and lower your Read More ...
  • Is financing the right option for you? TRS now offers financing! - Life can often throw curve balls our way and we may not always be prepared financially for little disasters, i.e. your home A/C unit needing to be replaced in the middle of the summer.  At TRS A/C Services, we offer multiple financing options to help ease the stress and burden during these minor emergencies.  Please Read More ...
  • How to Decide Between Air Filtration and Air Cleaning - If you’re concerned about maintaining indoor air quality in your home, it’s important to understand the difference between air filtration and air cleaning. While all forced-air heating and cooling systems have some form of air filtration, not all households have dedicated air cleaning systems. If you have family members who are susceptible to allergies or Read More ...
  • The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance - Regular maintenance of a HVAC system is very important. Energy Star states that the most common causes of failure in such units are neglect and dirt. Operating such a mechanical unit all year round is akin to putting about 100000 miles on a car. Proper HVAC maintenance could prevent frequent repairs, leaving one to experience Read More ...
  • Should I Have my Furnace Checked? - The short answer is absolutely. A furnace produces heat for your home or office by burning natural gas or propane and one of the by-products of burning fossil fuels is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is often called the “silent killer” since people will breathe it in without seeing, tasting or smelling it. It is toxic Read More ...
  • How Often Should I Change my Air Filter? And why? - Quick answer: Most manufacturers recommend air filters be changed once a month. Why? …Clean Air Conditioning units run more efficiently. Units running with dirty filters or no filter will eventually plug up (and run less efficient!) … plugged units will eventually require cleaning that will possibly cost hundreds of dollars to clean. Consider this: changing your Read More ...
  • How Important is my Air Filter? - The first line of defense for indoor air quality is your air filter… (Never thought your IAQ needed defense, did you?) Whether in heating or cooling, your central Heating or Cooling system needs a quality air filter. One of the most common rating systems for air filters is called Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value or MERV. Read More ...
  • Is Your Home or Office Building Sick? - Is your home or office suffering from Sick Building Syndrome? What is Sick Building Syndrome? Simply put, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) describes a situation where a specific building makes people feel sick, but the occupants who feel sick can’t pinpoint a specific illness like a cold or flu. Often a building with Sick Building Syndrome Read More ...
  • What is a “Ton” of Air Conditioning? - Have you ever wondered what a “Ton” of air conditioning refers to? Before the invention of refrigeration air conditioning, cooling was done with big block of ice and a fan. When cooling machines were invented, the capacity was rated based on the equivalent amount of ice melted in a day (24 hour period). A Ton Read More ...
  • The Hidden Energy Problem in Your Home - Everyone knows that an airtight home saves energy so finding and fixing leaks can save energy significantly. Weather stripping and caulking around windows, doors and floor molding can reduce air leakage considerably, but not completely, but the most important leaks are those not easy to find within your heating and cooling duct system. Duct leakage Read More ...

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